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I rate the review of your services as nothing but a “10”. Your professionalism and knowledge of the hearing aid profession is outstanding. The equipment you used to display my hearing test was the best I have seen. It gave me a feeling that I could understand what you were telling me. I definitely would recommend you to anyone that I know that needs hearing aid services. You have a very courteous staff. Thank you for your services!

Daniel Capozzoli

September 15, 2016,

I have been seeing Dr. Khatri since June 19, 2016 and I cannot tell you how impressed I am, not only with her professionalism, but her caring attitude. My first experience with hearing aids was in 1993, which was not only a frustrating total waste of money and time, but the disappointment in still not being able to hear left me with a feeling that I would go through the rest of my life “saying what did you say”. I cannot explain how well I now hear, but friends and relatives notice as well, but cannot see the aids. This the place to go with your hearing problems.

Mary E McCracken
Centreville, VA

Dr Khatri is an excellent audiologist that I can see supporting people with a range of experiences in hearing loss. Since I have many years experience wearing hearing aids and complex needs, I wanted someone who could provide best precision and advanced technology. Her hearing tests showed me how thorough her work would be even to account for the subtleties of hearing people with unfamiliar accents. She guided me through the selection of hearing aids and peripheral equipment that adapt to the very wide range of challenges I face and goals I have for hearing. When it came time for procurement she helped ensure a best value purchase and even helped update and retain an old drying system I use. It is also clear to me that she would do really well with someone that is brand new to hearing loss and buying for the first time. She provided thorough instructions and followed up with a unique guide via email that would really train a beginner well on how to adapt. She was very welcoming and comprehensive for follow up visits to address every aspect of my hearing needs.

I have never seen that level of customer service in many years of buying and using hearing equipment. I think she would do very well with children as well.

Russ Hopler
Fairfax VA

Having own my first set of hearing aids for approximately four years I decided it was time to explore the purchase of a new set. I was interested in learning if my hearing had changed over time, to see how technology in hearing aids had progressed and adding an additional hearing aid set to give me more flexibility in usage. To this end I returned to Loudoun ENT Specialist located in Sterling, Va, the office from witch I had purchased my original aids. Here I found out that the audiologist who had served me originally had been replaced by Dr. Pinky P. Khatri with Family Hearing Services. Dr. Khatri first course of action was to give me a through comprehensive hearing test to determine if I had experienced hearing loss since my last hearing test. She explained that the change in my hearing loss was minimal. I was quite pleased with this finding. From there she went on to speak to the technological advantages of new features such as the ability to access an induction loop and telecoil. She then went to explain the difference in aids offered by different manufacturers along with their cost and payment options. Based on the information provided in this session, along with the written information she gave me, we scheduled another meeting. I met again with Dr. Khatri to let her know that I had decided to purchase a new hearing aid set. Dr. Khatri then proceeded to take an impression of my ear canals, a painless procedure, and arrange the order of my aids. Two weeks late the aids arrived and from the first time I used them I was very pleased. I particularly enjoy the induction lop and telecoil features. When in church I switch to the induction coil it is just as if speakers were speaking directly into my ear. When using the telephone I again experience great audio reception.

I was quite pleased with Dr. Khatri’s service and my new hearing aids.

James A. Chappell